1999 BMW ///M Roadster
Palmetto Green II / Kyalami Orange

A unique car awarded many endearing names!

Gumby/Pokey Lovechild

The Green Monster

The Jolly Green Giant
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A Brief Background

Purchased in 2001, I am the lucky second owner of this very special roadster. The original owners lived in South Carolina near the BMW Manufacturing plant where this baby was born in 1999. They took a factory tour one day and saw a Z3 in production with the Palmetto Green II color. "That's the color we want!" they told the plant representative. But he quickly informed them that Palmetto Green was a European-only color and the Z3s they were looking at were bound for Europe. He then politely added that they especially could not consider Palmetto Green for an ///M! It took the original owners over a month of discussions with BMW Manufacturing and their dealership, but after some friendly persuasion, they were allowed to order Palmetto Green II for their ///M.

But, you ask, how did they get that unusual interior? And why on earth would anyone ever want to pair it with a green exterior? We can thank Dennis, the salesman at Century BMW in Greenville, SC for suggesting Kyalami Orange to the original owners who just happened to like unique things. A direct result of the buyer's and seller's creativity and determination, this car is the only ///M version of the Z3 in Palmetto Green II and according to BMW Mfg. representatives, the only one of its kind in the world.

Read the full story here as first published by the Southern California Z Drivers of ZSCCA. (Adobe Acrobat required to view article.)

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"Look - M TOPLS!" article

With preface by Daniel Nikaiyn of Southern California Z Drivers. (Adobe Acrobat required to view article.)

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