BMW Roadster Homecoming 2006
10th Anniversary
Aug. 30 - Sept. 3

DAY 2 - Thursday


We woke up to rain and it was with us all day.

I was in the Midwest Convoy for this pit stop before
we started the treacherous Tail of the Dragon.

Whew! We slew the Dragon and made it to Deals Gap
Motorcycle Resort where we joined up with the NJ and
Ohio convoys.
The NJ/NY crew staying dry at Deals Gap.
On the way to Highlands, NC for lunch.
Lunch at Oak Creek Cafe in the Highlands.
The Midwest Convoy invited me and a couple of other
Texans to join them.
Still enjoying lunch.
I have to say this is my favorite car this year. Wow.
It's an MZ4 Coupe.
What's special about this car is that the entire body is
made of carbon fiber. Customized by TC Kline. Driven by John
& Natalie Black (friends of TC Kline).
Notice the slow moving vehicles at the front of our convoy
after lunch. It took a wee bit longer to get to
Greenville than we expected!
Gassing up in Brevard, NC. That's JTP from
Wisconsin standing with his Bright Red II Z3.
Almost in Greenville and we finally see some blue sky!
On I-85 passing the BMW Mfg. facility and Zentrum Museum.
Reception at Embassy Suites.
Mary Battaglia from Texas (mbmz3), one of my original
Texas convoy buddies from 2001.
The annual Thursday night dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. This is
most of the NY/NJ contingent with a displaced Texan or two and an innocent bystander from CT. Be sure to ask Rich and Buddy
about their "balls" at Joe's Crab Shack the next time you
talk to them. ;-)
OMG! Tom Cruise made a guest appearance at
Joe's! (Actually, this is Drew, Z3BigDaddy's son.)
Drew and Dad. Dad's Z3 has over 240K on it -- he drives
every year from Portland or somewhere on the left coast.
Watch out for those Wisconsin folks on the left there!
The annual Make-A-Wish quilt with
something very special on it this year. :-)
To my surprise and delight, the designer selected my car to be
one of the six actual car photos featured on the quilt.
I even got a slot on the back of the quilt where she featured
mainly unique license plates.
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