BMW Roadster Homecoming 2006
10th Anniversary
Aug. 30 - Sept. 3

DAY 3 - Friday


After attending the ZSCCA meeting and luncheon at the Embassy, I headed to the vendor area at the plant. This is the spot where Tex
was taken hostage! Poor Tex went
on the ride of his life in S. Carolina - visits with nice policemen,
waitstaff at a bar, etc.! I finally got him back here.

That's Dwain Griffin, ZSCCA president, on the left
recruiting new members.

Fletcher BMW of N. Carolina was offering Dinan installs.
After visiting the vendors, I headed into the Zentrum where I
found a quote from my Homecoming story contained in the
new display.
NOTE: Photos are large.
A few of my favorite classic BMWs on display in the Zentrum.
I love BMWs in white with the Motorsport flag emblems.
I'm hoping John B gets this color combo (with red interior!) when
he orders his new MZ4 coupe.
It's about 2pm on Friday and the "Losers" are already
lining up for the Panoramic Photo on Saturday morning!
Kathy from Texas is getting the Loser cars ready for the pano photo.
Now we're at the Friday evening event at Furman University. Meet Phil from NY, a virgin Homecoming attendee, with his friend, Tina who lives in the area. Be sure to ask Phil about his unexpected passenger named Wilson that joined him in the NJ convoy
on the way to Homecoming. :-)
A few of the NJ convoy members enjoyed BBQ chicken
and beef with all the fixins. (Eric, Bill, Gail, Karen, Bob, Phil)
Drew, Blaine and JTP already cutting up. Something tells me
that Blaine and Drew were scheming their next moves with my Tex! It was after this dinner that they took Tex out on the town in Greenville!
NOTE: Kim on the left belongs to JTP, not to Carl B in the middle!
MinnMark and his daughter, Skyler.
Mary B coming over to hassle the guys. Drew does not look too happy about that. Hey Buddy, what's up with those fries again?
A few of the ZBimmers group from Ohio. John and Natalie Black, drivers of that awesome orange TC Kline MZ4 Coupe,
are in the dark shirts.
We had a live band and dancing.
Various Interstate road signs were strategically placed around the property to make us think we were on historic Route 66.
The Midwest Convoy women!
The complete Midwest Convoy, including their fearless leader, Carter Lee, pictured in the purple shirt in the middle.
Go to Day 4 where the Friday night loser festivities begin!
In honor of the 10th anniversary of Homecoming and the roadster, Carter Lee graciously designed and developed this beautiful Z3 bracelet in alternating white and yellow gold. Total weight was around 50 grams. At the live auction on Sat.night benefitting Make-A-Wish, this awesome bracelet went for $6,000. Way to go Carter! Thank you for helping all the kids of Make-A-Wish.