BMW Roadster Homecoming 2006
10th Anniversary
Aug. 30 - Sept. 3

DAY 4- Friday night & Saturday


After the event at Furman University, I stopped by the Embassy, picked up some supplies, and headed to the plant for my baptism into the Losers group -- those wonderfully crazy folks who started lining up at 2pm on Friday for the Panoramic Photo on Saturday morning. Some years I've had good luck with my car's placement in the photo, but other years, well, it's hard to see the car even with its unique color. Since this year was the 10th anniversary, I decided to guarantee my car a good spot, but at the expense of a nice comfy king size bed at the Embassy. I traded that for a couple of naps in the passenger seat of my roadster. I don't recommend it.

Several folks brought entertainment to toil the hours away. We watched the movie RV with Robin Williams (well, some of us watched it - that screen on the dash of Buddy's car was a little small!)

After that, we listened to a CD of some comedy routines (Jeff
Foxworthy and others).
Notice the reading material we had on the makeshift styrofoam cooler coffee table -- Bimmer Magazine.
Ruh-roh, we had some visitors from Oregon show up after their night on the town with my Tex! From left: Mark (Z3RiffRaff) from NJ, Drew from Oregon, Frank K from MD, and the infamous Z3 Big Daddy, Blaine, from Oregon. Note: Drew & Blaine were the captors!
More cars started showing up as sunrise was approaching.
We had one casualty for the evening who will remain nameless. And to think she was the one who talked me
into participating in this overnight Loser event!
Ahhhh, they finally lined up our cars for the photo on Sat. morning and my lack of sleep was worth it. The green monster got a
great second row end spot! See the complete 2006
panoramic photo here.
Here is a picture of what one looks like after sleeping in a roadster. Again, I don't recommend it!

Nabbed! Some of the loser group. Rich, I am too tired to
photo shop your signals. LOL!

The 10-timers start to arrive. That is Wayne and Amy Lester
in their Sundown Z3.
Behind Wayne and Amy was Jay Lilley in his wife Tammie's Z4. Don't worry, Jay still has his white Dinan MZ3! But it was time to take the Z4 for a spin from Nashville.

Lack of sleep causes one to pose with anyone, even
with the Michelin WOMAN.

Oh nooooooo! I think this is the last time that Z3BD had possession
of Phil before the banquet on Saturday night!! Blaine was trying to sneak in at the end of the pano photo lineup in the hopes that he would get a remaining slot up front.
Before the Sat. night banquet, the NJ Convoy crew (sans Mark Z3RiffRaff -- sorry Mark!) drove out to the Zentrum for a
photo opportunity.
These two shots were taken before Anthony showed up a little late. He is in the photos on Rich's camera.
After a much-needed afternoon nap and long shower, I was now awake enough to pose for a nice pic with the green monster.
We are now in the Embassy Suites ballroom for the Saturday evening banquet. Black tie and blue jeans to the max (with top hats and canes)! I wish you could see the 3 buttons on Buddy and Kathy's
vests -- they are the letters B M W.
There's Rich taking a picture of someone taking a picture! Next to him is Mark (Z3RiffRaff), Devin and his dad, Eric.
Kenn Sparks on stage with his opening remarks.
Always be nice to lawyers! Look how well JTP cleans up!
From the left: JTP (John), his girlfriend, Kim, Blaine Clark aka Z3BigDaddy, and Tahoe Tom. I wonder if we'll ever see
Blaine again in a bow tie.
Q&A session with Chris Bangle, BMW AG Chief of Design, Burkhard Goeschel, Father of the Z3 Roadster & BMW AG Board Member, and Professor
Clemens Schmitz-Justen, BMW Mfg. President.
The 10-timers on stage for a celebration.
The BMW execs signing autographs. From front:
Clemens Schmitz-Justen, Burkhard Goeschel, Chris Bangle.
I learned from Chris Bangle that he was the one behind the Palmetto Green color -- that one was his baby. :-)
Until next year -- happy and safe Z-ing!
Day 5 - Going Home: One more photo opp. presented itself. After leaving SC and heading through Asheville, NC, I stopped at the TN Welcome Rest Stop and bumped into a couple of Zs from Homecoming. The wizardry and magic of these cars continues. :-)